Baby Makes Cake

1.    Tell us about yourself! (Anything you want to share!)

Le Cordon Bleu Alumni for Patisserie & Baking

Business & Marketing Certified

Passionate about all things Weddings

I have experience in event planning as well

I have worked in the catering industry since 2007

I enjoy a more private and one on one clientele base because details, customer service, and private settings allow for a greater and simpler experience.

2.    When did you start your business?

Starting my business in 2013 as C’s the Day Bakery

Recently rebranded in 2017 to Baby Makes Cake

3.    What got you into desserts? What do you specialize?

Instead of spending money on gifts for the tons of nieces and nephews I have every year I would give them cupcakes. Soon people would ask if I could actually make them and I started charging for it. Which didn’t last long. Soon after I went through an intensely stagnant point in life and realized baking truly made me happy. I decided on a name and filed the appropriate paperwork and started advertising. Baking literally saved me and continues to every day.

4.    What does a typical day look like for you at work?

As I typically work alone I have specific days for baking, decorating, and office work. On a typical baking day I have a schedule of everything I need to bake for the week as everything is made fresh to order. That includes cake, cupcakes & buttercream. When I’m done for the day I clean up, debrief and create a schedule for the next day.

5.    Do you cater to weddings and other events? If so, how many do you do in a month?

Yes I specialize in luxury wedding cakes and create cakes and desserts for all occasions. As BMC entered the wedding cake world officially last year 1 wedding cake a month was created. This year however we are booked already for the fist 4 months with 3 each of the 4 months and counting.

6.    What is the best part of your job?

The best part of this job is really being part of clients most memorable and most special days of their lives. It is amazing to create something that makes people so happy aesthetically and taste wise.

7.    How long does it take to design and create a cake? What other products do you offer to your customers?

The ordering process that includes the design usually take 72 hours depending on how prepared the client is. Once designs are sketched cakes take 2-3 days depending on  size and design. Small cakes 1-2 days. Wedding cakes take a week to make as they are usually 3-4 tiers and have very detailed designs.

8.    Where is your store front (if you have one)?

I have a production site outside of my home that is located in Los Angeles. This is where people are able to pick up orders.  Consultations and tastings are held at my office in Santa Monica.

9.    Where do you see your business in 5 years?

In 5 years I see a store front in a different location where clients can walk in, speak to a cake artist and order in person. With standard clients that are loyal to my company.

10. What advice would you give to someone who wants to follow in your footsteps?

My advice is to be as organized as possible. Learn your foundations so that you are resilient, as it is a necessity in this industry. Lastly, have patience with yourself and your customers and know your worth!

11. We know creating delicious goods takes a lot of patience and work, how do you balance personal life and your business?

Haha… personal life, what personal life? When you are a sole proprietor and entrepreneur there is no personal life. Luckily, I have no kids and my family and friends are extremely supportive of my goals and work schedule. One day ill have the opportunity to nourish my personal life.


How can readers/clients get in reach of you?

Website: http//:


Instagram: @babymakescake

Phone Number: (310) 743-6241