1 . Tell us about yourself! (Anything you want to share!)

Hi everyone my name is Estevan. I am very passionate about creating unique quality products that bring joy to the community of West Long Beach and pride to my family. I like to put an artistic touch on everything that comes out of our shop, and make sure people are happy with our service.

2. When did you start your business?

My parents, older brother, and I started the business in 2012. 

3. What got you into desserts? What do you specialize?

We have a third generation tradition of producing frozen desserts. It all started with my grandfather who made ice cream and popsicles in the city of Nogales, Sonora in Mexico. He passed on the skills and knowledge to my mother. Later my mother introduced my father to the trade; after he retired from construction and had the free time, he decided to try selling ice cream!

4. What does a typical day look like for you at work?

Everyday is different, but it usually starts with getting the ingredients needed for production ready early in the morning. We usually make two to three trips to our chosen markets to make a good selection of quality fruits and materials needed. We get a lot of locals that have become regulars. There's usually a pattern too - workers around the area will come during lunchtime, early in the afternoon we'll get a lot of students, and in the evening we typically get folks who don't live in the immediate area. As you can expect, the hotter it is outside, the more customers we get!

5. Do you cater to weddings and other events? If so, how many do you do in a month?

We cater on occasion to privately held weddings, birthdays, schools, and concerts upon request. Because we are a small business; we cater one to two events a month. 

6. What is the best part of your job?

Meeting new people from the community, the world, and even welcoming regulars from out of state! I am interested in what other people do for a living, the stories that people tell, and the weaving of my life with theirs in treasurable and memorable ways.

7. How long does it take to design and create a cake? What other products do you offer to your customers?

Our best seller is the Mangonada, which is sorbet with chamoy, chopped mango, and chili. We also carry over 12 ice cream flavors, over 16 natural fruit sorbets, bionicos, shaved ice, fruit smoothies, and a recent addition that we call the Ice Cream Taco.

8. Where is your store front (if you have one)?

Our store front is located at 2410 Santa Fe Ave. Long Beach, CA. 90810.

9. Where do you see your business in 5 years?

Having multiple small locations, and catering events around the Long Beach area.

10. What advice would you give to someone who wants to follow in your footsteps?

Focus on the quality that you would like to receive as a customer and on the products you would expect from a respectable company, and center that as a guiding principle to your business. A good product combined with good customer service will attract a regular customer base.

11. We know creating delicious goods takes a lot of patience and work, how do you balance personal life and your business?

Our business requires from us to be there 7 days a week. Our family has created a rotation of duties that allows me to work, think ahead, and attend college.


How can readers/clients get in reach of you?

Facebook: www.facebook.com/Guanabana Inc.
Instagram: Inc.Guanabana
Phone Number: (323) 861-9576
Email: guanabanainc@gmail.com