We are a community and our goal is to help each other out. This isn’t just a Dean Bernard Event’s Expo; this is their [vendors’] show! Supporting each our local businesses will help our communities thrive.
— Dean Guanlao, Founder

The Idea

As a wedding planner, Dean knows how client's look for their vendors to cater to their event.  Many client's attend bridal expos to meet and see works of vendors in different industries. After attending a bridal expo himself, he came to realize that not only was the event overwhelming with vendors, but it was difficult to find specific services with so many industries mixed in with each other. 

One industry that was limited in the event were dessert and pastry businesses. When it comes to weddings and events and finding caterers to make a wedding cake or dessert bar, clients want to taste test before ordering. This process takes time and can be a hassle scheduling multiple appointments. And because of that, The Sweet Experience Dessert and Pastry expo was formed.

Our Goal

The Sweet Experience Dessert and Pastry expo's main goal is to help give exposure to local businesses around the city. The event is easy to sign up for and straight forward when it comes to direction on the day of the event. Our team made it easy for vendors to join so they can showcase their delicious treats to our event attendees. 

For our event goers, we want to make it easier for you all when it comes to finding the right vendor to make your wedding or birthday cake. Why schedule a taste testing appointment on multiple days when you can simply sample desserts on one day, at one time, under one roof.

It truly is a SWEET Experience for you and your family!

What's Next

We love supporting local businesses and seeing them all succeed. Once we have a successful event, we plan on moving the Sweet Experience event to different cities!

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